I am Eva García, along with many other names, those of now, those of before, and those from far earlier when I did not imagine who I would be today.


Diversifying myself, my vision above all, and on occasions adopting different professional roles, makes it harder for me to communicate what moves me, what I do and how I do it. comuArt tries to compile and explain all these with more clarity.


My journey is marked by a very early vocation in acting and singing, studies in a school of Dramatic Art in a countryside University, and the feeling of not finding my place neither emotionally nor professionally. I have always felt in the margins of what has been my context, so perhaps it is not a coincidence that I finally dedicated my work to what I currently do… .


Following my instincts, I moved to Paris, and it was there that I discovered Augusto Boal. This then prompted my move to the next adventure in CTO-Rio, thanks to a
surprising benefactor. Brazil gave me the confidence to value and believe in theater as a vehicle to deconstruct imaginary worlds.


A journey of trial, error and evidence enabled me to challenge myself to realise my own limits and how I relate to others and generally with the society (continuously changing from the minute to the bigger things). That journey took me to co-create transFORMAS in Barcelona and in this way, I
finally felt at home. This was the first time I felt part of a community – physically, emotionally and generally regarding all I was going through in my life. It made me stronger, it made me fight, it made me understand my constant doubts in life.


The way that I look at the world is peripheral, and so are my interests. Then, I had the opportunity to join the team of the Jornadas de Inclusión (Conference of Inclusion) as the first coordinator of content and production. This helped me find connections and shared needs which were unknown to me until then. My contribution was to add practical experience and value ​​to projects, and institutions which I have joined since then.


Three years ago, I felt, we felt that the adventure together in transFORMAS was over. Once again, I found
myself by myself, but more comfortable. It is no longer a contradiction to me to join projects with very diverse objectives and situations, but that they all have the aim of starting artistic collaborative projects, the creation of bonds and widening social horizons..


Once again, I found myself living in the margins. I am constantly facing a blank page, with new beginnings, passionate and excited by challenges, possibilities and playing with trials and demands.



We are many! Nothing that has happened so far would have happened without unexpected meetings, trust and spontaneous connections. A magic trio that has made possible the unthinkable.


I will never forget my return from Brazil, absolutely taken by the experience with Boal in person and in the context. Domingo Ortega, Head of the Theater Class of Carlos III University convinced me, while I trembled, to be a Theater of the Oppressed facilitator.


Years later in the park of La Ciutadella in Barcelona, another group of unconscious or brave people challenged us – Antonio Masegosa and me – to create an organisation to explore the possibilities of Social Theater. This was how transFORMAS – performing arts and social transformation began as a spiral of movement and inspiration: Joana, Mercè, Ferran, Noe, Oscar, Eva, Natalia, Enric, Guille, Elena and… .


A theater was born in an unprecedented space for a cultural production, and a group of permanent people formed the basis of teatroDENTRO: training and artistic productions in prisons. With the help of Thomas Louvat, Guillem, Esperanza, Joana, Laura, Alicia, Noe, José, Xavi, and…. We joined the front line. Thomas confronted us with spaces where the limits between justice and injustice were very diffuse and forced us to look where to place ourselves. Fundamental collaborations with the
penitentiary institutions were built, together with our European partners. All this to create and direct the first fiction feature film with prisoners FORA’m, a mix of theater, cinema, show techniques, with the spectators becoming part of the project. Just like that, teatroDENTRO shattered the walls and flooded everything with creativity.


The INAEM Conference then allowed a mutual exchange of knowledge with cultural managers and other theaters, being in contact with other projects from all over the country. This started three years ago and progressed taking into account the needs and interests of entities and people involved in the participating projects.


These movements are now generating complicities, sometimes from the inside out, other times from the outside in, sometimes I make the proposals and sometimes the proposals are made to me. It is basically a generous movement, which is based on the idea that there is always more than one way of doing things. With the help of: Valentí, Toni and Irene (Ópera Prima), Gabriela and Henrique (On stage), Lali (The Unfinished Human Manifesto).