Advisory and curatorship

I have been working as consultant with different groups and companies since I began my theatrical journey. Each moment and each experience are spaces where we share knowledge and practices. These contacts and connections between people and projects definitely enriched me through the years.

Currently, I work as a consultant for different projects, mainly I would say as a kind of healer role. However, I see this kind of work as a sum of genuine listening and expertise.

I developed a program, as curator to this institution, involving more than thirty services linked to community arts and mental health. The program was built to be an ongoing work of the Institution in a working frame that includes different actions, projects and activities to be carried out.

Cuenco Network: Advice of the definition of collaborative work strategies and processes (Zaragoza, Spain)

Four entities from the city of Zaragoza create the Red Cuenco: Pares Sueltos, Imaquinaria Teatro, Escuela de Circo Social de Zaragoza and Trayectos Danza. They require my collaboration to refine the definition of the vision and mission of the Network as well as the definition of collaborative work processes between the four entities with very defined idiosyncrasies.

The Principal Theater of Palma de Mallorca (Teatro Principal de Palma de Mallorca) wanted to develop a network which would involve identifying who were the local artists and projects developing inclusive and community arts projects and understand their own work reality and needs.

I designed and organised a Conference for them that included a workshop of creation and production of community and inclusive arts projects.

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Contents proposals to the Conference on Inclusive Culture and Community Arts, which has been done on multiple occasions already, organised by the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICEC), through the Department of Business Development and Audiences (SDE).

The first edition had a broad content, looking to connect communities and inclusive arts agents from different backgrounds and various aims. The second edition was focused in building work collaborations on proposals, making them sustainable in terms of people and duration. The next edition will be around the creators which were involved in all this process.

PI(e)CE community and intergenerational project. A collaboration between the Teatre Tantarantana, the choreographer Constanza Brncic and the playwright Albert Tola.

When I was introduced to this project, I found it as an unpolished diamond. A diamond very well designed and cared for by Constanza, Albert and Julio. I offered to advise them in its dimension and artistic direction, to understand which steps and path they would like to take. It was a pleasure to share this journey with them.

I have been fortunate to collaborate on several occasions with the Apropa Cultura team, sometimes more exactly creating small actions in their program, and someme that helped in building the flow and vision of the project.

Together with Queralt Prats and Ester Forment, we developed a project in this programme to support the
development and improvement of artistic projects
promoted by Catalan social charities.

One of the most valuable experiences I worked on and that gave the opportunity to work in the framework of museums, which was new to me, was “What does it mean to look at a painting?” of the Tallers Bellvitge occupational center and the Tecla Sala Art Center, involving people and professionals of the ‘chapeau’. This project offers training to people with learning disabilities to guide contemporary art exhibitions.

Educa amb l’art Theater as a source of well-being and joy” The video of the workshop I facilitated together with Josep Pla, regarding theater, well-being and emotions for professionals working in the education and social who want to approach the arts through the Apropa Cultura program “Educa amb l’art” (Teach through art), is available.