Òpera Prima

Series of community opera productions at Gran Teatre del Liceu.

The Liceu is embarking on an innovative journey in which a newly created community opera will be presented every three years.

In the Autumn of 2018, the institution underwent a process of reflection and redefinition which triggered what later would become the ÒPERA PRIMA project. Considering the structure and the workers of the organisation, the institution revised its vision and mission.

The first project will be built in complicity and collaboration with the Barcelona neighbourhood of Raval. The project has already started, and the artistic team having been selected is now fully committed to working on this production.

ÒPERA PRIMA I-Raval is part of the European Project TRACTION, which is developed in partnership with other organisations from Ireland and Portugal. This collaborative research and development project aim to explore how new technologies can contribute to improve accessibility in Europe’s cultural heritage.

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Overseeing and Steering a common concept, a strategic plan and its implementation.


RAVAL-NEIGHBOURHOOD OF BARCELONA. PREMIERE IN OCTOBER 2022. Newly created opera. The local community will be invited to participate in this creation working together with the artistic team and other staff of the Liceu in the development of contents, in technical aspects and operations and in the live performance.

Aquí y ahora, Here and now